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Our combined, comprehensive capabilities are why VPT is at the forefront of thin film innovation. Why we’re so good at developing original thin film applications in emerging industries and technologies.


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VPT designs and manufactures thin film coating systems. Bottom line, that’s what we do. But that doesn’t really tell you who we are. We’re the company our customers come to when a problem needs a fresh perspective. A new approach.

We listen. Add their input to our expertise and experience. And deliver the thin film coating solution that meets their unique need, solves their particular problem, in a way that only VPT can. It’s what we call thinnovation. Chances are, you’ll call it exactly what you’ve been looking for.

Across the country, and around the world, VPT has invested nearly 20 years serving customers in a broad range of markets. From solar to optics, display and imaging to health sciences, aerospace to defense. Our product line is equally broad, ranging from optical coaters and sputtering systems to control and planetary systems. We also offer custom systems and spare parts—and we’re doing more and more technology consulting as our reputation continues to grow.

We’re especially enthusiastic about our work in solar cell technology. Thin-film solar cells offer real cost and efficiency advantages over traditional silicon, and VPT is leading the way in high-performance, thin-film photovoltaic technology.

VPT is a member of the American Vacuum Society and the Society of Vacuum Coaters. And we’d like to be your partner in thinnovation






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