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VPT has been providing thin film solutions since 1991 for Fortune 100 companies and US Government entities.


So who is VPT? Four words cover the basics. We’re expert in all aspects of thin film and related disciplines. Responsive to our customers’ needs. Innovative in our solutions. All of which makes us your partner in thinnovation. Since 1991, our customers—from Fortune 100 companies to U.S. Government entities—have come to us for solutions that simply aren’t available on any shelf. And time and again, we have come through for them, in unique, effective and cost-effective ways.

In great part, our success is a testament to the vision and determination of the company’s owners, Andlinger & Company, Inc. and Ralph Faber. Credit also goes to the talent and passion of our management team. And of course, to every one of our valuable employees, the men and women who make up the VPT team. Thanks to them, our capabilities span the complete range of the manufacturing process. We can design, fabricate, assemble and test coating solutions and systems in-house. It’s a competitive advantage that pays huge dividends to our customers.

Our combined, comprehensive capabilities are why VPT is at the forefront of thin film innovation. Why we’re so good at developing original thin film applications in emerging industries and technologies. And why, together with you and your resident experts, we could make a real impact—with truly thinnovative solutions to your toughest problems.




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The next big thing in solar cell technology?
Thin-film  photovoltaics. And VPT is right in the thick of solar cell thin-film innovation.