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VPT is owned by Andlinger & Company, Inc. and Ralf Faber the current president of VPT



In July 2008, VPT was purchased by principals of Andlinger & Company Inc., a private investment and management firm, and Ralph Faber, who is now the company’s president.

With positions on VPT’s board, Andlinger & Company is directly involved in the company’s management and direction. As their Website states, Andlinger & Company looks for “investment opportunities in companies and technologies that benefit the global environment.” VPT’s involvement in clean, renewable energy sources was a significant factor in Andlinger’s decision to purchase the company.

Thanks to the support and vision of our owners, VPT is a company on the move.








VPT solar logo The next big thing in solar cell technology? Thin-film  photovoltaics. And VPT is right in the thick of solar cell thin-film innovation.