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VPT announces Ion Beam Sputtering Partnership.

VPT announces the Gyro Fixture Assembly with Gyro Motion for precision thin-film coatings without masks.

VPT announces an innovative, cost-effective approach to manufacturing thin-film solar cells.

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December 1, 2016



Vacuum Process Technology (VPT) announced today that it has started a major expansion to its headquarters in Plymouth, MA. The construction will take approximately six months during which the building will get a complete makeover, inside and out. VPT will address the need for additional office and assembly space, more efficient working environment, and a more modern appeal. “A significant increase in our consumer electronics business requires  additional capacity and a more efficient work-flow,” said Ralph Faber, VPT’s President & CEO.

Job openings are posted on VPT’s web page:


Vacuum Process Technology, located in Plymouth, Massachusetts, is a leader in the development and manufacturing of turn-key thin-film deposition systems, custom designed components and thin-film processes. Our long history in the precision optics industry, cutting-edge technologies, and our growth in consumer electronics devices offer excellent opportunities to strong individuals seeking an exciting work environment. VPT has a culture of teamwork which generates continuous innovations.




VPT Introduces the Argus Precision Magnetron Sputtering for Optics!

 The ARGUS optics sputtering system combines excellent process stability, ultra-precise coatings, and uncommonly high throughput. It is designed for high quality optical coatings with low absorption and scattering. These optical properties will allow you to produce the most demanding filters.

The Ultimate In Process Stability, paired with in-situ optical monitoring will enable you to change the future of optical coating.

Please click here for our new ARGUS brochure. 

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The next big thing in optical coatings?

The Argus-optics sputter coater.

Argus Optics Coater


OptiLayer Workshop USA

Guest speaker Dr. Keqi Zhang

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