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VPT Publications
Publication Description Download
Plasma Assisted Pulsed DC Magnetron Sputtering System Optical Thin Film Coatings download VPT's capablilities brochure
2013 OIC Sputtering Summary Written By Keqi Zhang & Ralf Faber download VPT's capablilities brochure

Optics-Sputter coating system

download VPT's capablilities brochure
VPT Vapor Source for CIGS Written by Keqi Zhang & Ralf Faber download VPT's capablilities brochure
August 2011 Press Release VPT receives purchases order from large Korean conglomerate download VPT's capablilities brochure
VPT Capabilities Brochure VPT is at the forefront of thin film innovations download VPT's capablilities brochure
VPT Solar Brochure VPT has opened a new division focused on Solar energy and new inovations. download VPT's Solar Brochure
Gyro Fixture Presentation at SVC 2010 download VPT's Solar Brochure


Turn-Key Systems
Publication Description Download
In-Line Continuous Optical Coating Systems
The evolution from batch coaters to high precision in-line production download VPT's capablilities brochure
Precision Optical Coating Systems
Discover the Key to Precision Optics download VPT's Solar Brochure
Small Batch / R & D Systems
Compact, economical, and flexible R&D and small batch pilot production system. download VPT's Solar Brochure
SP 2000 Brochure Magnetron Sputter Deposition System for Multiple Layer Coating download VPT's Solar Brochure
Custom Vacuum Deposition Systems "Thinking outside the box"
Customized in accordance with your specific process, production, and hardware requirements
download VPT's Solar Brochure


Subsystems and Services
Publication Description Download
Control Systems Brochure Control systems with Production-Proven reliability, available with a wide range of control features and capabilities. download VPT's capablilities brochure
Custom Vacuum Systems "Thinking outside the box"
Systems built to your specifications, or for your unique requirements
download VPT's Solar Brochure
Substrate Fixture Rotation Systems Accurate, Reliable, Durable...
Substrate fixture rotation systems that are available in new systems and as retrofits
download VPT's Solar Brochure
VPT VLOM1 VPT's White light optical monitor, detailed descriptions and specifications download VPT's Solar Brochure







VPT solar logo The next big thing in solar cell technology? Thin-film  photovoltaics. And VPT is right in the thick of solar cell thin-film innovation.