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VPT's ADVANTAGE series of In-Line Coating Systems are ideal for batch processing when accuracy, high-throughput and mass production are the requirements.


In-line Systems: The ADVANTAGE

Our ADVANTAGE In-Line Coating Systems are designed to transition batch-type processing to high-throughput mass production. A single ADVANTAGE Series Model 64, for example, does the job of as many as six batch systems. To maximize your system utilization, ADVANTAGE substrate planetaries are available in a range of sizes.

What’s unique about the ADVANTAGE series? ADVANTAGE Series systems can transport fully loaded substrate fixtures through the entire system from the load lock into the process chamber and ultimately into the unload lock, where you simply remove your completed parts. ADVANTAGE systems are completely automated. The only thing an operator needs to do is load and unload the planetary. (For initial process development and optimization, as well as troubleshooting or maintenance, the systems can be operated in manual and/or semi-automatic mode.)VPT's in-Line system model 64 batch coater

The process chamber in the ADVANTAGE series is constantly maintained at high vacuum. This eliminates the detrimental effects of venting after each coating cycle, enabling ADVANTAGE systems to produce high-grade optical films with extremely high reproducibility rates.

The ADVANTAGE control system is based on a PC and PLC platform. A user-friendly graphical interface keep you informed on system status and process variables. Once your process “recipes” are developed, they’re stored in the system and run as you need them.

Every ADVANTAGE system is customized to support your coating application and production requirements. Configuration options include Thermal Evaporation, Electron Beam Evaporation, Electron Beam with Ion Assist and Sputtering. For high accuracy and tight coating specifications, both crystal and automated optical monitoring are available. You can also choose from these substrate fixturing options: single rotation, planetary and calotte.





• AR coatings
• HR coatings
• Beam splitters
• Edge filters
• Laser diodes
• Polarizers
• Complex non-quarter wave designs, including low stress and high laser damage threshold


In-Line continuous Optical Coating System
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White Light Optical Monitor
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