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Argus 54 precision magnetron sputtering system by VPT


Batch Coating Systems: ARGUS 54

The ARGUS optics sputtering system combines excellent process stability, ultra-precise coatings, and uncommonly high throughput. It is designed for high quality optical coatings with low absorption and scattering. These optical properties will allow you to produce the most demanding filters. The Ultimate In Process Stability, paired with in-situ optical monitoring will enable you to change the future of optical coating.

Metal oxide layers with high and low refractive indices are deposited with Pulsed DC-Magnetron Sputtering in combination with a reactive-assist process using a low energy RF plasma source. Thin metal layers are deposited by DC-Magnetron sputtering and get fully oxidized by passing through an oxygen plasma created by the plasma source. The ARGUS also offers Co-Sputtering of high and low index materials which enables the creation of any refractive index
between the two materials.

VPT AGRUS 54 precision magnetron sputtering system

The stability of the Pulsed DC-Magnetron Sputtering process is ideal for high volume production of all types of optical filters. The transfer from filter designs into production is rapid since calibration runs are not needed.

A planetary system with six 16-inch diameter planets is installed in the ARGUS. The thickness uniformity across each planet is ≤±0.25%.

Three round magnetrons are installed to optimize rates. The deposition rates are comparable to IAD processes.

• Pulsed DC-Magnetron
• Sputter-Up Configuration
• Extremely Stable Process
• Complete Oxidation
• High Capacity, High Throughput
• Extremely high process stability
• Co-Sputtering; Blended coatings
• Fast Pump down


• AR coatings
• HR coatings
• Beam splitters
• Edge filters
• Laser diodes
• Polarizers
• Complex non-quarter wave designs, including low stress and high laser damage threshold


Precision Magnetron Sputtering
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