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Precision Optical Coaters have been widely used to support major Worldwide industry and Government programs. The core technologies in these systems has been developed with over 100 man years of experience resulting in systems with a reputation for delivering superior and reliable results


Batch Coaters

VPT puts over two decades of experience in the design and manufacture of every high vacuum coating system it builds. We offer a flexible platform design with common features across our product lines. Our world class deposition control software enables for one operator to run several machines at the same time. Process recipes can be easily downloaded to the deposition control software allowing the operator to load the substrates, close the door and start the process at the push of a button. Our user interface is intuitive and easy to use and the built in data logging capability allows you to refer back to process history at any time.

Standard batch coater configurations include one or two electron beam guns as well as multiple thermal (resistance) sources. An Ion source is a typical addition to achieve densely packed films. An optional optical monitor provides in-situ monitoring of the coating as it is being applied. Our standard crystal monitoring uses proven components and methods for consistently reliable results. Available substrate rotation systems range from single rotation, calotte, planetary rotation and flipping planetary rotation. Pumping systems are selected by application and include diffusion pumps, turbo molecular pumps and cryo-pumps from the world’s most regarded suppliers.

Our systems are highly valued for their ability to identically duplicate a coating run from day to day, month to month and year to year. Our unique coating system simulation software is renown for its ability to achieve optimum coating uniformity across a large area as well as to eliminate the need for a coating mask. VPT thin film coating systems are used across many industries, in places where quality and reliability can’t be compromised. We make the most technically challenging coating systems a reality.



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