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The Citation series of Precision Coaters have been used worldwide industry.  The core technologies in these systems has been developed with over 100 man years of experience resulting in systems with a reputation for delivering superior and reliable results


Batch Coating Systems: The Citation ™

For batch production of a wide variety of precision optical coatings, you won’t find anything more versatile or dependable than the Citation I™ series. Based on the proven technology developed for our renowned 4500 Series, The Citation I™ system is designed to deliver run-to-run repeatability and industry leading coating thickness uniformity over a wide area. We developed the patented "Gyro" substrate fixture that along with our proprietary simulation software delivers the most uniform coating thickness possible over the largest area. That's what Thinnovation can do for you.

With the Citation I™, you’ll enjoy exceptional results after only a minimum of test coatings. In fact, calibration is so consistent that new designs can be programmed directly into the system from a remote site.


Ranging in size from 30 to 120 inches, Citation I™ systems are ideal for a broad range of applications.

A versatile, easy-to-use control system—based on a PC/PLC platform—is part of all Citation I™ series coaters. Graphic screens clearly display system status and process variables. All your process “recipes” are conveniently stored in the system, ready to be run as needed. For initial process development and optimization (as well as troubleshooting or maintenance), there are also manual and semi-automatic modes.

System pumping options include cryopumps, turbopumps, or diffusion pump. If you need additional water vapor pumping speed, Meissner traps are available in all systems.

Every Citation I™ system is precisely tailored to support your exacting requirements. VPT offers a full range of configuration options, including Thermal Evaporation, Electron Beam Evaporation, Electron Beam with Ion Assist and Sputtering. For high accuracy and tight coating specifications, both crystal and automated optical monitoring are available. Substrate fixturing is available in single rotation, planetary, calotte and flip planetary—as well as custom configurations, such as a counter-rotating planetary for large substrates.



• AR coatings
• HR coatings
• Beam splitters
• Edge filters
• Laser diodes
• Polarizers
• Complex non-quarter wave designs, including low stress and high laser damage threshold


Precision Optical Coating Systems
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White Light Optical Monitor
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