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VPT is the exclusive distributor of the Navigator 1000 through our partnership with Cutting Edge Coatings GmbH of Hannover, Germany.

VPT's in-line vacuum coating systems


Navigator 1000 - Ion-Beam Sputtering System

The Navigator 1000 Ion Beam Sputtering System is based on reactive ion beam sputtering of metal targets.  This system brings leading edge process innovations to production ready IBS equipment.  The system incorporates technology and science developed at the Laser Zentrum Hannover over the past 20 years.

Technology - Ion-Beam Sputtering Coating System

IBS coating system by VPT

System Components
Filament-free RF-Ion Sources

Dry High-Performace Vacuum Pumps

Stainless-Steel Vacuum Chamber

Premium-grade System Components

Standard or Zone-Targets

Coating Processes
Automated Process Control by Broadband Optical Monitoring

Processes for various Material available


ISO-conform test setups for T, R, Absorptance, Scattering, LIDT


VPT-thin film polarizVPT-thin film polarizer 1064nm design at


High-Performance Laser Coatings - Standard 2-Material Configuration


Coatings on Crystals


Zone-Target Configuration

Rugate Filters

Tailored Refractive Indices

Improved LIDT Designs





Navigator 1000


Products and Applications for the Navigator IBS System



- Rugate filters

- Steep edge filters  (cut on & off) 

- Notch filters

- Multi-notch filters

- Bandpass filters

- Multi-band bandpass filters

- 45ยบ multi edge dichroic beam splitter

- High reflectors

- Output couplers

- Low loss low scatter optics

- Thin-film polarizers

- Non-polarizing beam splitters

- Wavelength multiplex filters

- Wide-angle antireflection coatings

- Dielectric-metal-hybrid filters

- Chirped mirrors

- Coatings on fibers

- Coatings on sensitive non-linear crystals

- AR coatings on laser diodes


- Coatings with low defects;

   Filter with steep edge, low ripple and
   high transmission


- Ultra low loss reflectors or AR
  coatings (scattering or absorption in
  less than 10 ppm range)


- Filters that have hundreds of layers
  and require precision and consistent
  thickness control from start to end




- Fluorescence microscopy

- Hyper-spectral imaging

- Raman spectroscopy

- Laser based instrumentation

- High power lasers

- Biomedical filters




Navigator 1000
IBS SputteringSystem
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