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VPT's new Gyro Fixture Assembly offers precision coating without using shadow masks.

VPT also offers, Planetary and Dome shaped substrate fixtures. There’s even a VPT planetary fixture that can flip each substrate planet for two-sided coating without breaking vacuum.


Substrate Fixtures


The VPT Gyro Fixture Assembly

Imagine highly uniform coatings without using shadow masks. How about the ability to predict coating uniformity without the need for test runs? VPT thinnovation turns imagination into reality, with a revolutionary substrate motion that delivers superior thickness uniformity without shadow masks. VPT Gyro Fixture AssemblyWhich means the old time-and labor intensive method of cutting and re-cutting a mask until the desired uniformity is achieved is a thing of the past. How do we do it? VPT uses a computer simulation to precisely locate the sources and substrate carrier—and the gyro motion does the rest. No test runs, no masks, no problem. We call that thinnovation. You’ll call it higher throughput, better equipment utilization, higher yield and improved gross margin. To learn more about how VPT can help you meet your uniformity requirements, call us today.


Planetary and Dome Shaped Substrate Fixtures

Our Planetary and Dome shaped substrate fixtures are another example of VPT’s innovative, forward-thinking approach. The planetary fixture’s wide-faced gear VPTs Dome Substrate fixture for planatary to be used in batch coating systemsdrives are fabricated entirely of 304 series stainless steel and are selected to have a non-repeating irrational gear ration. The main bearings are of a sophisticated aerospace design that utilizes a Micro-Seal® bearing treatment designed to comfortably withstand operating temperatures in excess of 300° C.

VPT also designs and manufactures specialized fixture configurations. Whether it’s modified single rotation, counter rotation dual drive, or a dome, VPT has the high-performance fixture you need. There’s even a VPT planetary fixture than can flip each substrate planet for two-sided coating without breaking vacuum.


The VPT Flip Fixture Assembly

VPTs planatery system for batch coatersOur unique, proprietary flipping assembly saves valuable time—and money—by eliminating the need for a second pump down cycle when you have to coat both sides of a substrate. You are actually able to flip the substrates while maintaining vacuum. Its low-profile design maximizes the throw distance, and is available in configurations capable of operating in temperatures as high as 300° C. For optimum uniformity of coating, our flip fixtures also maintains the use of irrational gear ratios.

VPT's ingenious flip fixture system can be adapted for virtually any size chamber and process. It can be ordered with any of our Optical Coating systems and is even available for retrofit applications.



Coatings & Uses

• AR Coatings (<0.1%)
• Antistatic Coatings
• Cold Light Mirrors
• Conductive Transparent
• Corrosion Protection
• Decorative Coatings
• Dichroic Color Filters
• Edge Filters
• EMI Shielding
• Gain Flattening Filters
• High Reflectors
• Hydrophobic

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Dome Substrate Carriers and Dome Segments