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VPT offers a wide variety of system refurbishment options; complete system refurbishment, control systems retrofit,substrate fixture rotation systems, and miscellaneous system modifications and upgrades.


System Refurbishments

To optimize the performance and capabilities of your existing coating equipment, VPT offers a wide variety of system refurbishment options.

Complete System Refurbishment. When your system is in a need of a complete overhaul, VPT can replace every major component other than the vacuum chamber and pumping system. We will engineer, design, manufacture, and install all the necessary system components and subsystems. Complete System Refurbishments are typically performed at our facility.

Control Systems Retrofit. To improve process control and increase capabilities, our Control Systems Retrofit adds fully automated controls and software to your existing system. VPT’s proven Control System architecture also gives you better process consistency, while improving reliability—and minimizing user intervention. To avoid unnecessary system downtime, Control Systems are pre-built at VPT and retrofitted at your site. For more information, see our Control Systems and Optical Monitoring brochures.

Substrate Fixture Systems. If your current fixturing limits your coating capabilities, VPT can provide complete fixture subsystems—and enable you to handle even the most technically demanding coating applications. Engineered and designed to your specifications, they give you all the capability and flexibility you need. VPT’s Substrate Fixture Rotation Systems can be shipped to your location or installed in your system at our facility. See VPT’s Substrate Fixture Rotation Systems brochure for more information.

Miscellaneous System Modifications and Upgrades. We can apply our decades of experience designing and building high-performance vacuum deposition systems to help you optimize your existing equipment. Whatever you specify—controls, software, relocation, the addition of deposition sources, substrate fixturing, etc.—VPT can help you get the most out of the systems you currently own.


Coatings & Uses

• AR Coatings (<0.1%)
• Antistatic Coatings
• Cold Light Mirrors
• Conductive Transparent
• Corrosion Protection
• Decorative Coatings
• Dichroic Color Filters
• Edge Filters
• EMI Shielding
• Gain Flattening Filters
• High Reflectors
• Hydrophobic