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Our combined, comprehensive capabilities are why VPT is at the forefront of thin film innovation. Why we’re so good at developing original thin film applications in emerging industries and technologies.

VPT provides expert tech consulting in all areas of thin film vacuum process technology.

Tech Consulting



Tech Consulting

What’s your problem? Whatever it is you need to do, VPT is ready to put our nearly two decades of experience designing and manufacturing thin-film coating systems to work for you.

Maybe it’s a specific problem that needs solving, and you think thin film just might be the answer. Or maybe it’s not even that well-defined—an idea about something you’d like to do, something no one else is doing. Whatever it is, we’re here to help.

It doesn’t matter if you’re a government agency, a large corporation or institution, or even a start-up. We’re more than ready. We’re excited about finding new and creative applications for thin film technology. Things no one’s even thought of yet.

So call us, or email us. Let’s get a conversation started; get the wheels turning. Who knows what our collaboration could produce?








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VPT solar logo The next big thing in solar cell technology? Thin-film  photovoltaics. And VPT is right in the thick of solar cell thin-film innovation.