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VPT's new Gyro Planetary System together with their proprietary software produces the greatest uniformity for percision optics, eliminating the need for masking.

VPT manufactures vacuum chambers used in precission optics, Webb Telescope


Thinnovation in Optics

Coating uniformity is one of the biggest challenges in thin-films for precision optics. To achieve the kind of uniformity that optics applications demand has always meant multiple testruns over the course of days. So VPT worked with several of our precision optics customers—some of the most respected names in the field—to develop a proprietary software tool that could: a) predict coating uniformity for different chamber geometries and b) eliminate the need for coating masks.

We started by determining all the factors that affect coating uniformity. Added other influencing factors, like source location, plume parameters, coating material and substrate motion. And enabled the operator to choose the ideal balance of uniformity and material utilization. The resulting user-friendly, graphical software tool can simulate source locations and planetary configurations—enabling us to deliver superior uniformity over a large area without the use of a coating mask, and without having to iterate with multiple test runs.Gyro Planetary System by VPT for the greatest uniformity of any substraite motion

The next step was to ask these customers to send us their toughest uniformity challenges. Running each scenario through our simulation program, we were able to suggest tweaks that dramatically improved their coating uniformity, with nothing more than a simple email exchange.

But that wasn't all.The program also yielded an unexpected, yet highly significant, benefit.  After a number of simulation runs, we saw that aunique substrate motion—a revolutionary innovation—producedVPT Gyro System uniformity results  the best possible uniformity.This insight led to the development of VPT’s patent-pending Gyro System. The VPT Gyro, available only on VPT coaters, produces the greatest uniformity of any substrate motion.

To see a video of the Gyro in action, click here. On the right are actual uniformity results.




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